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Blood Bank

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Blood Bank


KTH Blood Bank is providing services to all admitted patients. Staff consist of one (01) chief blood bank technician, (04) Junior Clinical Technician, one (01) Senior Technician and Two (02) Phelebotomists.


KTH blood bank functions in collaboration of Regional Blood Center, Hayatabad. RBC staff (02 Nos) are deputed in two shifts. They collect blood and shift to RBC for making blood components and next morning supply the same. Due to their efficent supports and collaboration on blood transfusion committee policy decision. All thelasemia CRF and emergency patients are issued one blood with no donor basis (NDB). KTH blood bank is the only blood bank in the province which issue blood on NDB to these three type of patients. KTH blood bank is having sufficient staff to cop with any emergency.


Round the clock 24hrs