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Anaesthesia Department

Anaesthesia Department Details...

Anaesthesia Department

Doctors List

S.No Doctor Name Designation
01 DR. Parhaizgar Khan Professor (I/C & Head of Department)
02 DR. Nighat Aziz Associate Professor
03 DR. Muhammad Ilyas Assistant Professor
04 DR. Umbrin Naz Assistant Professor
05 DR. Neelum Halimi Assistant Professor
06 DR. Aurangzeb Khan Senior Registrar
07 DR. Javed Senior Registrar
08 DR. Nargis Mumtaz Senior Medical Officer
09 DR. Talat Saeed Senior Medical Officer
10 DR. Ghulam Rasool Senior Medical Officer
11 DR. Zarmina Qasim Senior Medical Officer
12 DR. Ihsan Senior Medical Officer
13 DR. Abdur Rehman Senior Medical Officer
14 DR. Nayyar Haleemi Senior Medical Officer
15 DR. Farah Naz Senior Medical Officer
16 DR. Qaisar Habib Senior Medical Officer
17 DR. Gul Bano Junior Medical Officer
18 DR. Jameel Junior Medical Officer
19 DR. Faheem Junior Medical Officer
20 DR. Robina Bangash Junior Medical Officer
21 DR. Ambreen Sifatullah Junior Medical Officer
22 DR. Imran Junior Medical Officer

Patient Care:

Anesthetic Care:

Anesthesia department is responsible to deliver anesthetic care in the perioperative period to all patients undergoing surgery. Multiple diverse surgeries are conducted covering majority of specialities, which are managed by General, Regional and Local Anesthesia. Advanced surgical procedures like laparoscopic surgeries, theracotomy, scoliosis correction are also amanged.

Anesthesia department is managing 16 surgical units (05 Surgical, 03 Gynae/Obs, 02 Orthopedic, 2 Eye, 2 ENT, 01 Peads Surgical, 01 Plastic Surgery) respectively. There are 29 OT Tables operating daily for routine lists of different units, and 4 OT tables for managing emergency cases round the clock. Each OT Table is fully equipped with Anesthesia Machine and Monitor and run by one anesthetist and one anesthesia technician. Approximately 100 cases are conducted in daily basis both routine and emergency. A Minor OT is also running during morning hours to reduce the load on Major OT. The OT Pharmacy provides all anesthetic drugs and disposables free of cost to the patients.

ICU Care:

Post operative patients needing critical care in Surgical ICU are also attended by us regarding treatment planning, weaning from mechanical ventilatory support, and other major decisions making.

Pain Management:

Chronic pain patients requiringinterventional therapy are also treated. Referred patients with low backache, sciatica, joint pain, disc prolapse, shoulder pain etc are given the required blocks. Post operative pain relief by epidural technique is done in special group of patients.

Teaching Program:

Both under graduate (4th year MBBS) and post graduate (FCPS, MCPS, DA) students are taught. The teaching program includes teaching on tableside, lectures, presentations as well as attending seminars, workshops and conferences. The scheduled lectures are delivered on a set time table covering all the topics in the syllabus.

Services Delivery:

Folowing Services are provided by the department of Anesthesia KTH.

Preoperative Evaluation / Assessment:

Preparation / Precautions:

Anesthetizing a patient:

Documentation / Record Keeping: