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Burn Unit / Plastic Surgery

Burn Unit / Plastic Surgery Details...

Burn & Plastic Surgery Ward


Plastic Surgery and Burns Unit is a twelve bedded facility in Khyber Teaching Hospital, with six beds for Burn patients and other six for plastic surgery. Our unit provides the following services;

Burns Care:

1. Initial Rususcitation

2. Wound Care

3. Prompt wound coverage with Skin Grafting and Flaps

4. Out-patient burn care for various burn sequelae.

5. Rehabilitation services with the hospital physiotherapy and Orthotic's departments.

Plastic Surgery:

1. Post Burn deformities (contractures, hypertrophic scars etc) correction and rehabilitation.

2. Post-infective wounds grafting and flap coverage in liaison with other surgical units.

3. Post-trauma soft tissue reconstruction in collaboration with Orthopedic & Trauma departments.

4. Management of Cutaneous, Head & Neck and Soft tissue malignancies and reconstruction.

5. Hand Surgery facilities for Congenital, Burns & Trauma including tendons, nerves and soft tissue reconstruction.

6. Congenital anomalies correction of pediatric patients (Craniofacial, Cleft Lip & Palate, Urogenital anomalies reconstruction.

7. Breast reconstruction for Congenital anomalies & Cancer patients.

8. Out-patient consultations on Wednesdays & Fridays.

Doctors List

S.No Doctor Name Designation
01 DR. Amir Taimur Khan (FCPS Plastic Surgery) Assistant Professor & Incharge
02 DR. Syed Mohammad Haider (FCPS Gen. Surgery & FCPS Plastic Surgery) Senior Registrar
03 DR. Asif Aziz (FCPS Plastic Surgery) Junior Registrar
04 DR. Mansoor Khan (FCPS Plastic Surgery & Hand Surgery Fellowship) Medical Officer
05 DR. Mohammad Bilal (MBBS) Trainee Registrar