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Nephrology Ward


Department of Nephrology started in the year 1995 with only one assistant professor and only one medical officer. In 1988 a 12 bedded chamber and 4 hemodialysis machines were added. At the momment our department is the largest Nephrology unit in the province with 45 beds and 26 hemodialysis machines. This all was achieved by the grace of ALLAH and the efforts of the founding father, despite great difficulties and challanges.
We are providing life saving services to the ailing humanity round the clock, 24 hours a day, and seven days a week. Our hemodialysis unit works round the clock, non-stop. Acute Dialysis Double lumen Catheter insertion, Renal biopsies, Cyst aspirations and Percutaneous Nephrostomies are performed on a dialy basis. We have recently acquired the facilities to perform CRRT (continuous renel replacement therapy i.e. HDF), Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis and Parmanent Catheter insertion for long term Dialysis.
Our family has grown to 5 full time consultants with 01 professor, 01 Associate Professor 01 Assistant Professor and 02 Senior Registrars. We have 03 CPSP accredited supervisors for training in Nephrology with more than 18 Trainees actively being trained i this specialty.
This unit has until now produced more than 20 FCPS consultants serving Pakistan and abroad. These include both FCPS nephrology as well as internal Medicine. This is achieved with excellent working environment provided by our family, where everyone is encouraged to develop self confidence and independent decision making ability.
This is the only team in the whole province with extensive experience in interventional nephrology procedures such as permanent catheter insertion, acute and continuous peritoneal dialysis (APD and CAPD).
We are very enthusiastic about future. We aim to serve the most derving among humanity, with all our heart. we are actively pursuing the initiation of renel transplantation services for our poor patients in the near future.
We aim to be at forefront of nephrology.
Sky is the limit................The world in not enough.

Doctors List

S.No Doctor Name Designation
01 DR. Amir Azhr (MBBS, FCPS (Med) ISN fellowship Nephrology and Renel Transplantation (UK)) Professor
02 DR. Ahmad Zeb Khan (MBBS, FCPS (Med), FCPS (Nep), SCE(Nep), RCP (UK)) Associate Professor
03 DR. Mufti Baleegh Ur Reheem Mahmood (MBBS, FCPS(Nep), MRCP, SCE(Nep), ECNeph) Assistant Professor
04 DR. Syed Anwar Hussain (MBBS, FCPS(Nep)) Senior Registrar
05 DR. Faman Ullah (MBBS, FCPS(Nep)) Senior Registrar

Services Available:

OPD Days

Main OPDs: Tuesday and Thursday 08:00am - 02:00pm
Follow up OPDs: Daily 08:00am - 02:00pm