Human Resource Department MTI, KTH

According to the MTI Act 2015 tertiary hospitals had been granted autonomy & the management of MTI KTH not only looks after the hospital but also takes care of HR issues related to KMC & KCD. The HR department is responsible for recruitment, selection & appointmentof personnel for the three institutions.
The Director HR also initiates process for promotions, performance appraisal, maintenance of personal files, reviewing, analysis & revising the job descriptions, maintenance of leave credit record, pension contribution, and other funds of the staff of MTI.
The HR department plays pivotal role in improving working environment, job development & capacity development of MTI KTH staff. The department thrives to create opportunities for staff capacity building through attracting bi-lateral partners & also designing on-the-job courses on staff orientation, communication skills, team building, and stress management. The department facilitates & supervises delegation & authority relationship &providing opportunities for healthy competition by awarding positive & negative incentives.
The department conducts staffing need assessment, management of internships, maintaining personnel record & managing interviews, deployment, promotions, capacity building of MTI KTH Staff & also arranges & facilitatesHO’ selection, deployment, exit exams & certification. The department had stablished linkages with PGMI on TMOs performance & remuneration.
The HR department is closely coordinating with nursing department & finance department in assessing their HR needs, keeping in view the institutional policies; for ensuring efficient use of scarce recourse.