Planning And Development Cell / Dept


Dr. Muhammad Zaffar former Chief Executive KTH, KMC & KCD first established Planning & Development Cell in KTH. Dr. Farman Ali, DMS store was the first in-charge DMS of the P&D Cell. The Strengthening of the P&D Cell was the major stress of the Government after the MTI Act 2015. Presently, Mr. Shafi Ullah khan ex sr. chief P&D dept and seceratory education, Govt of KPK is working as in-Charge / Director of P&D Cell DMS of the P&D Cell. Mr. Mujahid a devoted employee of KTH is working as Computer Operator / Office Assistant in P&D Cell / Dept, MTI, KTH.


The P&D Department participates in strategic policy matters, Need Assessment, Training & Facilitation, Contract management, preperation of development budget / ADP for MTI KTH, Hospital management, Proposal writing, Report writing and Project Management. The members of P&D Department also represent KTH on various forums. P&D staff are members of various forums, committees, inspection and technical evaluation teams. Due to continuous hard work P&D Department is now being widely recognized as a credible source of development, planning, management, HR affairs and Projects within the institution and senior staff prefer to liaison with P&D Department for all development in their respective Dept / Ward / Unit / Speciality and training work within KTH.



Mr. Shafi Ullah Khan (DIRECTOR P&D)
MA Public Policy & Admin USA
M.Sc Stat, Gomal University, DI Khan
Executive Management Training from KS Govt, Harward University USA