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Directorate of Media and Protocol


Directorate of media and protocol provides media and protocol duties in all the three prestigious institutions MTI, KTH/KMC/KCD. Senior media and protocol manager Mr. Farhad Khan is heading the directorate and providing the media representation to three institution and protocol services to dignitaries. Facilitation of superior judiciary, bureaucracy, parlimintarians for medical help special persons, unclaimed and unattended patient supervision.


The functions of directorate of media and protocol is to provide coverage to all the activities against MTI KTH/KMC/KCD. Keep updating all the relevant information from the government departments and institution healthy activities to the competent authority and staff on daily basis. A protocol officer is the person in your team that plans and orchestrates V.I.P visits, ceremonies, meetings and special events. Each event they plan is driven with the expectations of diplomacy between the principal and invited guests. They are educated and experienced in precedence, titles and forms of address, flage etiquette, international protocol and much more all of which influences strategic objectives that result in excellent relations.


Contact Information:

Directorate of Media & Protocol direct number 091-9224297 / 03339109847 / Ext: 2011
Email: / farhadkhankthsmpm@ /